About Us

About Better Marble

Established in 2020, Better Marble’s goal is to bring exquisite stones from all over the world to the Canadian market. Our expertise lies in understanding how our products work in different spaces. With over 22 years of experience in the stone industry, we understand every aspect of the business.

We know the North American, European, Middle Eastern, and Asian markets inside and out. Our keen understanding of the business allows us to expertly monitor these markets and recognize consumer demands and trends. That’s how we can offer you the best finds – all under one roof.

Better Marble is connected to top quarry owners and stone manufacturers around the world. That’s how we can offer exceptional products at the best prices. Our 12,000 sq. ft showroom has a wide range of options for your project in every budget and style.

Vision, Mission and Value

At Better Marble, we value fairness and honesty in all our dealings. We offer affordable surface solutions for both residential and commercial projects. We are dedicated to serving our clientele and understand the role our products play in creating lasting memories. That’s why we ensure you’re getting the right quality-to-price ratio.

Our mission is to create a better way to buy stone affordably by offering the best customer experience. That is why we focus on excellent customer service and reliable delivery. Shopping for something as beautiful as natural stone should be an amazing experience, and we make sure it is.

Each project has special requirements. Fortunately, flexibility is our strength. So, our team of experts is ready to help you to get the most value for your stone products based on your budget. In addition to our available stock, we also offer our clients the ability to pick their own block and cut it to size from the quarry. This delivers huge savings when you’re building a one-of-a-kind project.

At Better Marble, we are committed to curating the best products for our clients and delivering a professional attitude. Our ability to innovate and trustworthy network of exclusive suppliers produce inspired products that become your masterpieces.

We offer fair, flexible and endless options at the best prices which become exclusive solutions for homeowners and their contractors. Additionally, we offer commercial services to fabricators and designers.

Our Product Advantage

At Better Marble, we promise an unrivalled experience for customers in the Greater Toronto Area. We are unmatched when it comes to going that extra mile for clients. That means making sure you get your products on time, every time. Our team is meticulous from start to finish, ensuring every step goes smoothly.

Our structured management system monitors our effectiveness through each step of the process, from selecting the stone to delivering the final product. And that product is just as good – or better – than you expected.

Furthermore, you can rely on our staff’s deep understanding of our products. Our dedicated team guarantees that you choose the best solution for your project in terms of design, quality and budget. We make sure that you have the product you need for any size of project. Our organized infrastructure ensures sourcing of the product through to timely delivery. Our objective is to provide our clients with unique, exclusive and affordable products that suit their needs.

Natural stones remain at the heart of our collections, but we have extended our selections to embrace their finely-engineered artificial equivalents. Our exclusive offerings include high-quality marble, quartz, quartzite, granite, porcelain, and aluminum honeycomb panels. We are also the exclusive sellers of Italstone in Ontario.

Our vast inventory offers you the finest materials for your floors, walls, kitchen countertops, and practically any other indoor or outdoor project. Each product we sell is curated with the utmost care, keeping in mind the quality and utility of the material. Our deep-seated passion for design and years of industry experience allows us to stock products to accommodate future market trends.

Our vast collection will accentuate your space, in more ways than one. Visit our North York showroom/warehouse at 300 Norfinch Dr to see our exceptional collection of raw and finished products and make your space come alive.

Our Process

At Better Marble, we fulfill all your stone needs. Our aim is to offer our clients the best value for their budget. That’s why we service homeowners, fabricators, designers, and contractors in the Greater Toronto Area. After your stone is selected and paid for, we deliver it straight to you. Our expertise lies in helping you find the right product for the best price.

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