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  • Taj Mahal 2cm Leathered

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    Taj Mahal 2cm Leathered

    Discover the unmatched sophistication of Taj Mahal 2cm Leathered Finish Quartzite. Its exquisite blend of soft hues and unique texture adds a touch of elegance to any space. Elevate your design with this versatile and timeless material.

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  • Taj Mahal 2cm Polished

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    Taj Mahal 2cm Polished

    Experience the allure of Taj Mahal 2cm Polished Quartzite – a testament to timeless beauty and enduring quality. With its exquisite blend of soft ivory tones and subtle veining, this polished quartzite exudes elegance, perfect for enhancing any space. Elevate your design with the majestic charm of Taj Mahal Quartzite. This material is perfect for use on countertops, vanities, or flooring.

  • Calacatta Super White

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    Calacatta Super White

    Introducing Calacatta Super White Quartzite: a fusion of elegance and durability. Its luxurious white background adorned with intricate grey veining mimics the allure of classic marble while offering the resilience of quartzite. Elevate your design with the timeless beauty of Calacatta Super White Quartzite.

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  • Smoky Cristallo

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    Smoky Cristallo

    Cristallo Bianco is a very exotic and famous quartzite. It has a very crystallised look which gives the appearance of diamond.

    it is a transparent Stone.

    You’re able to illuminate light through it as it is translucent. 

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  • Patagonia Green

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    Patagonia Green

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  • Super White

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    Super White

  • Majestic Brown

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    Majestic Brown

    Majestic Brown Quartzite is an exquisite natural stone featuring a rich blend of deep browns, subtle golds, and striking veins that create a timeless, elegant look. Ideal for countertops, backsplashes, and accent walls, this durable and versatile quartzite brings warmth and sophistication to any interior or exterior design. Majestic Brown Quartzite adds a touch of luxury and resilience, ensuring lasting beauty and functionality.

    Quartzite is a stone entirely engineered by nature, not to be mistaken with quartz countertops which are chemically engineered. Quartzite is harder and more resistant than most of other natural stones, which makes it a great investment for kitchens and bathrooms.

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  • Opus White 2cm

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    Opus White 2cm

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